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11 Nov

NEGOTIATING SPACE is a practical research, a reflection on the relationship between space and society; the coexistence of social, cultural, economic and ecological dynamics in the context of a squatter settlement. Instead of approaching squatter settlements with the intention of solving its urgent problems with a “western” urbanistic strategy, we will approach it with an empiric, common sense, sharp vision of how people appropriate and perceive the space and city they live in.As Koolhaas said about Lagos: Shortcomings have generated ingenious critical alternative systems. Without romanticizing or fast conclusions, we will study these urban dynamics throughout a multidisciplinary interactive research and conception of urban actions.

We will develop a spatial intervention in Old Fadama as a common act by the inhabitants to understand the dynamics of the place, to stimulate critical thinking and to inspire future processes of urban development on the context, operating at the city level as well as international. The development of the urban act itself becomes a research on methodology of a graphical, interactive urban design process. The output of the participative fieldwork and [creative] mapping process will be translated into a support or platform for multiple uses in the Old Fadama atmosphere – not as a stigmatized slum, but as part of the diverse city life.

From 7/11 till 6/12 we are in Accra (Ghana) to set up the methodology and collaboration with inhabitants of Old Fadama, Ghanian artists and academics to develop an urban act in Old Fadama’s public space. During this period, every two days,  we will post reflections and interpretations of are fieldwork on the blog. We would like to read your opinions, suggestions and thoughts on the process that we are carrying on!

Thank you!

Barbara Roosen and Ana Beja da Costa


Old Fadama, Accra, Ghana

6 Nov






























The ladder

19 Oct


Opening Night

16 Oct


That street corner, those doors

14 Oct





14 Oct

Craft Collectief created for Brems Doors the installation ENTER at Interieur Kortrijk 2010 – a combination of product design and scenographical interpretation.  With SecretSlideXL, Contour and L93-newprofiles, Brems Doors introduced three new products. These are displayed in a Street Corner, brought to life with daily-life images and light.

[Barbara Roosen, Bert Joostens, Meta Roeymans in collaboration with video artist Yacine Sebti]